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FAQs - 

Where do you deliver? 
      We deliver in most of Utah County and South Salt Lake County.  Please                     contact us with more detailed questions. 

Am I committed all month when I sign up?
      We are a local company that wants to be as flexible as possible. You sign up for
       that week only. You can also contact us if you want only certain meals. 

Do I get all the meals at once? 
       Our meal service delivers on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each meal will
       come fresh on that day. 

Can I choose what meals I want on different days? 
       To ensure that all of our ingredients are fresh we can only deliver that meal on
        that day that we have scheduled. We can't change the meals for different days.

What if I am going out of town?
       We are here to make sure you don't get a delivery when you are not home. Just
        let us know and we can pause your deliveries. 

Do you offer gluten free or specialized meals?
       Unfortunately we don't have a menu that is specific to these. We do have
       meals that are gluten free and can always deliver only meals that we are
       doing that are gluten free if you want. 

How hard is it to make the meals?
       My 12 year old makes the meals. If you can peel a potato, you can make this
       meal. The hardest thing to do is peel a potato and follow directions.




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