Dinners Made Easy
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Dinners Made Easy

The Family Chef

The Family Chef delivers all you need to have a delicious meal in minutes.

How it Works

1. Sign up for meal delivery - Once you sign up you will be on our delivery service to receive a meal Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

2. You will receive an email on Friday showing what meals you will be getting delivered that up coming week. 

3. You will receive a meal Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Inside the bag delivered will have fresh, pre-portioned ingredients. There will be easy step-by-step instructions that you will follow to create your meal. 

4. In 20-25 minutes you will be enjoying your home cooked meal without the stress of wondering whats for dinner and going to the grocery store.


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About Us

We are trying to make dinners simple and easy. There are too many nights that we wonder whats is for dinner. Hours and hours are spent wandering around a grocery store, only to end up buying so much food that we throw it out. Eliminate those grocery store trips, stop worrying about what is for dinner and sign up for The Family Chef to make dinner time a simple worry free process.

The Meals

Our meals are all fresh and pre portioned ingredients measured just the right amount for the serving size of your family. They are also simple and delicious for any age of person. Those picky kids that don't eat anything will love what is being cooked and ask for more. Make The Family Chef your go to for dinners that everyone will be asking for seconds.

Why The Family Chef?

There are many meal service companies you can choose from. You could even go down to your grocery store and find a pre portioned meal to cook. Why spend time when a different meal is delivered to your doorstep three times a week. It is also family friendly and portioned for any size of family. You don't have to worry about how many to buy because you set the size you want.

We love The Family Chef! It’s so nice to come home 3 nights a week to a meal that’s prepared & ready to get cooked!
— Happy Customer